About Ostomeme

The Story of Ostomeme!

April 2018. 

Hey, guys!

This is Eric Polsinelli, the creator of Ostomeme, and the founder of the insanely popular, award-winning blog and education website VeganOstomy.ca.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2008 and have thrived with an ileostomy since 2013.

I created Ostomeme out of my love for two things: Humor and helping others to persevere through their health challenges.

I’ve always tried to use humor as both a coping tool and way to de-stress, so it was natural for me to put together a website where I can both share my love for memes and humor, but also give others the opportunity to do the same.

Ostomeme isn’t just for people living with an ostomy, but it’s for all people who are living with a chronic illness and who want to simply laugh about the ups and downs of it all!

Please enjoy what this site has to offer, and try to just laugh at sh*t!



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